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Bright Kids International Preschool

logo Bright Kids is an international preschool with campuses in Kadıköy Fenerbahçe and Batı Ataşehir. We offer playgroup program for 2 years old toddlers, preschool programs for children between 3-5 years and kindergarten program for 6 years old children. All our programs are delivered by our highly competent and experienced team native speaker English teachers.

Bright Futures Begin Here


Our Team

A guiding hand… makes a difference

Great schools begin with dedicated, amazing, positive people!

All teachers in our school are certified and experienced on early childhood education, as they are keen observers, documenters, and an enjoyable playing partner in the learning process.


Food in Brightkids

School meals are an opportunity to teach lifelong healthy eating habits

Bright kids uses delicious and healthy Breakfasts and lunches to help kids develop a taste for fresh, nutritious food—and head off a habit of eating processed food that’s high in fat, salt, and sugar. Once children are introduced to healthier foods— and become interested in eating them consistently—students are far more likely to maintain these healthy eating habits, and, as a result, be healthier overall.

Many children consume at least half of their meals at school. Children are better equipped to learn if good nutrition is part of their day.



Every child’s development is just as vital to their wellbeing. In Bright Kids we observe your child’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth.

All children go through developmental “stages” – typical and predictable changes in different areas. Considering the milestones we discuss children's progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioral problems in our parent-teacher conferences twice a year.


Brightkids Parties

Children learn best when the learning comes from a side-effect of a fun activity. This learning is more likely to stick and stay with the child as they grow up.We have planned monthly themed parties at BrightKids in which the kids engage in pretend games and learn through playing and taking part in different fun activities.

  • My son has been at Bright Kids for three years and, from the moment we walked in, it has been the perfect place for us. From the director, teachers and staff, we have found a loving and supportive environment where challenges are understood and handled gracefully. I've felt and witnessed the teachers treat each child as an individual, with different strengths and needs. A big 'Thank You!' to Bright Kids for giving my son this wonderful early childhood education experience. We are ever so grateful to have found you!

    Doreen Patricia
    Mother of 5
  • Bright Kids attracted my attention at first for having a warm environment and well educated staff.Instead of huge school buildings, being a small school with limited student quota is an advantage for our little ones as they take their first steps to school life!

    Serda Tütün
    Mother of 3
  • I would like to begin by saying that I am very satisfied and very surprised with the Brightkids Preschool. We have 3 kids and we are sending them all to Brightkids right now. We like the preschool and we love the teachers.
    I believe they are doing great work and I will bring as an example my son. We sent him to Brightkids at the age of 3 and he couldn't understand a thing because he only spoke Greek. Right now he speaks fluently like mother language English and Turkish!!! I am amazed! Last, but not least I would like to add that I really appreciate the fact that they try to expand our kids minds by doing music, yoga and so so many more things.
    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs
    It fits perfectly. Well done!

    Theano Loumposis
    Foreigner, mother of 3
  • Bright Kids is the best thing that happened to our family here in Istanbul! As an expat family we worried about the way our daughter Nia will adjust the new environment. We were so lucky to meet all these wonderful teachers, kids & families! Special thanx to our teacher Nora! She gave our daughter care, love, tenderness & to us she gave this sweet feeling that our child is in safe hands. EVERYBODY made us feel welcome & happy! Thank you, guys for the sweet moments of joy you gave! & also THANK you for awlays being there when we most needed!

    Maria Zone
    Mother of 5