Toddlers Play Group

We offers 2 hours play time programs for 2 times a week for toddlers.

Two-year-olds reach important milestones of independence, self-awareness, creative expression and play. Educators focus on process, technique, exploration, and experimentation with materials, rather than on resulting product.

A day attuned to physical, sensory, language, emotional and social development, play-centered, with quiet choices and calming periods to help pace our day.

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule includes teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Children begin the day by choosing from a variety of floor and table activities. Next, we visit the gym or playground for running, jumping, climbing, and throwing. Later, we follow a routine that includes circle time (stories, songs, puppets), and small group (creative expression or manipulative) play.

Finally, we have free choice where the children choose their own activities from the areas of blocks, creative expression, fine motor, dramatic play, sensory, books, and the climber.


Between 3.00pm - 5.00pm